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The ADVENTURES of JESUS – A Hilarious Politically Incorrect Satire

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Yes! JC is back! This time things are different.Hiring the help isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s not that simple to get good apostles these days!

Political correctness and modern culture make things tough on the old Messiah. Even his miracles have their problems. And, of course, his old nemesis is popping up to make things even more difficult.

He goes on to reveal the true meanings of many of his arcane sayings and parables with clear, easy to understand (and comical) explanations. He even tells how some of the most dramatic events in the Bible actually unfolded. You will be shocked (and laugh your ass off).

He’s back and it’s funnier than a barrel of lepers!
Note – Reading this story will not condemn you to Hell (just a little extra time in Purgatory maybe!) LOL


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Some The Adventures of Jesus Reviews

This book is hilarious and immensely witty. I’m a devoted christian and when i started reading i wondered if this was slightly blasphemous but it is obvious that the writer has an enormous insight into the bible and it tells the a really funny story about the relationship between God, Jesus and the angels and Jesus’ second coming. I’m so glad i found this book. Amazing!  Lewa


Review by: grannytoad  : star star star star star
Humorous look at what might happen if Jesus returned to earth today.
Definitely not politically correct, but funny!


Review by: S Berlin : star star star star star
This is a hoot! Looking forward to reading more of his work.

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