The ADVENTURES of JESUS – A Hilarious Politically Incorrect Parody

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Jesus returns in the Second Coming to gather His flock. In the age of technology, Special Effects, and mass media, revealing His presence to the masses isn’t going to be easy.

 How to conjure up publicity for His new arrival presents a major problem for the Messiah and his Jiminy Cricket-like companion Gabriel.

They frantically search for a means to publicize His return. During their quest, Jesus reveals many uproarious anecdotes about events in the Bible that heretofore haven’t been heard.

Rounding up new Apostles, performing miracles, and modern-day “Sermon on the Mount” rallies take a hilarious toll on the old Savior. In spite of this, he presses on until the present-day PC culture finally frustrates his every effort.

If you liked The Book of Mormon you’ll love The Adventures of Jesus.

Guaranteed you’ll laugh out loud. *

 *Guaranteed not available to Evangelicals and Born Agains.


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Some The Adventures of Jesus Reviews

This book is hilarious and immensely witty. I’m a devoted christian and when I started reading I wondered if this was slightly blasphemous but it is obvious that the writer has an enormous insight into the bible and it tells a really funny story about the relationship between God, Jesus and the angels and Jesus’ second coming. I’m so glad I found this book. Amazing!  Lewa


Review by: grannytoad  : star star star star star
Humorous look at what might happen if Jesus returned to earth today.
Definitely not politically correct, but funny!


Review by: S Berlin : star star star star star
This is a hoot! Looking forward to reading more of his work.



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