FISH FARM -Revenge Will Be Sweet? Or will it?


Revenge Will Be Sweet? Or will it?

Revenge will be sweet? Or will it? 
You can decide after you’ve read Fish Farm.
Meet Jack, a God-fearing family man with malice towards none but little does he know of that which awaits him. Within days of our meeting, Jack’s life will be shattered and he will be forced into new, perilous surroundings. He is sure he knows the cause of his downfall and vengeful thoughts haunt him incessantly.
He is soon drawn into a struggle with local thugs which forces him into a dangerous confrontation. Jack becomes ever hardened by the conflict and together with the help of newfound friends, he takes grisly retaliation.
Emboldened by his newly acquired mettle he decides to avenge those who he believes led to his initial undoing. Revenge will be sweet or so he thinks?


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Some Fish Farm Reviews

“Fish Farm” is a wonderful cautionary thriller, written in an otherwise entertaining voice, with some really good set pieces – a well-told vigilante tale (and who doesn’t love one of those?) in the mold of “Death Wish” and “Harry Brown”.  The characters are interesting, with intriguing back-stories, and the story is simple yet enticing, with a great ending which I didn’t see coming; a satisfying sense of justice rounds it all up neatly, giving a sense of full-circle.  The pace of the prose does feel a little rushed throughout, and perhaps disproportionately so in the last few chapters, but this doesn’t really detract anything, because there is not enough leg-room in this story to form a novel-length feature – in my opinion, a quick, punchy novella is far more appealing in this case.

Generally, Walt’s writing style is nice to read, and his use of dialogue is gritty and credible; the urban realism is one we can all relate to, as well as the plight of the characters.

This is a great little novella, gripping and entertaining, which I managed to read in one short evening.   MATT McAVOY BOOK REVIEW


Don of our team enjoyed your book very much. This is his review:
“Five Stars”.
“I liked “Fish Farm” by W. Sautter, a very talented author. The book
is short, very entertaining and I read it in an evening –  a very high
quality read!
The book is about intelligent revenge, and after quoting an ancient
Chinese warlord who wrote 2,500 years ago, “Ponder and deliberate
before you make a move,” the author starts the well-planned revenge
into action.
With ever-increasing tension, the author designed the plot well,
especially his uses of “Chekhov’s gun,” the well-known dramatic principles where every element in a story must be necessary. It made the ending a complete surprise.
After I finished it, I wanted to read more of the story, then reflected on how the author perhaps made this story intentionally
short to have all elements stand out and create ever-expanding tension.
A great read if you’re looking for a very entertaining read.
Some final thoughts I had were, I wondered how the author got the idea of utilizing a fish farm in the unique way he used this fish farm.
And, I also think retirees and war veterans would highly enjoy this


Fish farm is the story of one senior citizen named Jack who lost his job, benefits, house, and his wife to cancer.

Jack has worked his whole life. He’s made his share of mistakes, but who hasn’t? He has learned a lot from them and has grown since he was a kid. He had kids got married and got a job with a 401k.

Everyone wants the perfect life. The house with the picket fence, the wife, 2.5 kids, and the golden retriever dog: the American dream. But what happens when your “perfect” job turns out not to be so perfect and you get fired and lose your 401k? What happens when your kids grow up and move out? What happens when your wife gets cancer and you have no health insurance?

I’ll tell you what happens when you become Jack. Meet Jack; he is your average man with your average dreams, till one day something happens that turns his entire life upside down.

Jack now has to deal with a gang who calls themselves the firemen and this book explains how he deals with it all. Jack seems to be the go-to guy for his entire neighborhood. Need help, call Jack. Toilet stuffed up don’t call the plumber, call Jack. Who do you call when the firemen are ripping you off and you accidentally kill one? Do you call the cops? Of course not you call Jack.

But who does Jack go to when he has a problem that needs to be fixed? He picks up the phone and tells Petey to swing by his house and bring the truck. Then it’s off to Larry’s farm they go and it’s time to go fishing. Where your problems are always fixed, and you can bring your own bait.

I recommend this book to those who like suspense and anyone who likes noir fiction or murder books. According to FTC regulations, I must state that I have received a free eBook copy but it has in no way affected my views on the book or my review. 

 By Shaniqua Harris


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