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Take and Eat – The Rise of Ancient Gods

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Take And Eat The Rise of Ancient Gods

‘Take and Eat’ is a horror story rivaling those of Steven King.
A priest threatened by extortion responds by committing the ultimate sin. In an attempt to cover up his heinous deed he engages in the vilest of acts. He continually questions his sanity while attempting to comprehend his depravity and its motivation.

As the story unfolds it is revealed that unworldly forces have been at work all along.  It is divulged that a conspiracy of deposed ancient gods has devised this plan. His commission of these ungodly acts plays an integral part in their scheme to re-establish themselves as rulers of mankind’s destiny.
Will they succeed?
Can Father Joe free himself from their devious contrivance?
Read – “Take and Eat- The Rise of Ancient Gods”


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Date: December 17, 2019

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