Fish Farm  – The lurid tale of a man having lost his job who then seeks revenge. He doesn’t foresee the startling consequences his quest will bring until it is too late.


What if a magical shortcut to great golf play did exist and someone found it?”
Bob Andrews, the book’s central character, may have found it!
How did he find it and what happens when he does?
You’ll find out when you read “Sticks – A Golfer’s Tale”, the
ultimate golf fantasy.


Doctor Ed Bennett meets with an old college buddy and his life is changed forever. He abandons his work at his urban health clinic and embarks on a mission that requires him to confront powerful people. This sports-related mystery will keep you turning the pages. 


Yes! JC is back! This time things are different.  It’s not that simple to get good apostles these days! Political correctness and modern culture make things tough on the old messiah. Even the miracles have their problems. And, of course, his old nemesis is constantly popping up to make it even more difficult.


The shocking discovery of a friend’s death and the likelihood that he was murdered drives our hero headlong into an obsessive search for the truth. He moves to the rural Pennsylvania coal town in an attempt to ferret out the killer and exact retribution.


Coach” takes place in a small, rural town in mid the fifties. It is the story of the town, the high school football coach, and his players. The town’s people and his players idolize Coach. To be a football player for Coach is the ambition of every Highburg boy. But, things happen in Highburg and not good things!


Elda her vampire lover Anton, travel throughout war-torn Germany to serve justice upon her father’s Nazi killers. During their search, they encounter many obstacles including the Nazi’s own vampire slaves .’The Blood of Judas’ is a horror story set in a background of horror; a tale of vampires, suspense & revenge.


A priest threatened by extortion responds by committing the ultimate sin. In an attempt to cover up his heinous deed he engages in the vilest of acts. He continually questions his sanity while attempting to comprehend his depravity and its motivation. As the story unfolds it is revealed that unworldly forces are seeking to re-establish themselves as rulers of mankind’s destiny. Will they succeed? Can Father Joe free himself from their devious contrivance?

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